Bouley Wine

Bouley Restaurant has an international selection of over 40,000 wines and was rated 28 in the Zagat 2012 “Winning Wine List.” Adrien Falcon, Wine Service Director and Sommelier, along with Sommeliers Brandon Barnes, Arthur Briand and Jonathan Charnay work directly with Chef Bouley to prepare wine pairings that meet the vintage’s standards. Chef Bouley was a pioneer in his first restaurant in guiding customers to try lesser known wines that exhibit the same dynamic tastes touted by the industry. In addition to supporting smaller, independent businesses, this allows the customer to take a personal voyage through the vineyards Chef Bouley has visited.

Bouley Wine List February 12, 2016 (PDF)

Cocktails, Spirits, Bar February 5, 2016 (PDF)


David Bouley, Town & Country Magazine Chef in Residence “Valentines health food for foodies: biodynamic, nutritious

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