Bouley New Vision

Update: Bouley Restaurant is still Open at 163 Duane Street through July 2017. 

In light of the New York Times feature, we’d like to share some exciting news:

Our Brushstroke Restaurant and Private Events Spaces Bouley Botanical and Bouley Test Kitchen will remain open and will be further enhanced for your next exciting celebration!

Bouley Restaurant is going on an intermission later this year (2H 2017) as Chef Bouley travels the world to expand his Culinary knowledge.

Chef Bouley will engage in a deep study of the relationship between health and food during this period, taking Nutrition classes in Japan, the United States and Europe. He will travel to Japan, Peru, Cuba and Switzerland to consult with renowned experts and learn further about the science of nature and the healing science of whole foods.


How will his efforts reach beyond his diners at Bouley?

Recently, Chef Bouley took one class within the Harvard Executive MBA program as a visitor and found it compelling. He believes that in this environment he will find solutions as a Chef to reinvent the business machine that is our national food system. He is already working towards this via his longstanding partnership with Wegmans Food Stores directly with owner Danny Wegman. He is proud to be associated with Danny Wegman and his talented team, who are already striving to make this ideal come to life.


What is the vision for the new Bouley Restaurant once it reopens?

Whereas the current Bouley accommodates around 120 guests, our new Bouley will be just 20 or so seats! The new Bouley will tailor guests’ menus to their specific needs and will be designed to optimize the healing power of food. He will create a healthier formula of eating.

It will not be a “health clinic”, but rather a restaurant of high standards, romantic and sensual in every detail. Supreme culinary excellence through ingredients and techniques will be the focus. The true value will lie in educating the diner in terms of why and what we chose to offer that evening, and how they can employ our choices into their lifestyle outside the restaurant through small of gifts of our healthy Building Blocks. As well, his connections within the health industry will contribute to their personal health benefits.


What other exciting new concepts can we expect?

We are delighted to announce Bouley at Home, a concept designed in collaboration with Bulthaup kitchen design. The comfort and familiarity of “kitchen counters” will serve as the dining space. There will be wine corresponding to various Bulthaup counters, to offer the guest corresponding food pairings. You will be able to learn how to execute Chef Bouley’s “building blocks” while enjoying the powers of food matched to its wine.

There will also be hands-on cooking classes with Chefs and Doctors, and cooking classes with professional Chefs. This will give our audience the confidence to see professional cooks using “domestic kitchens”. Simple execution and the power of the Living Pantry will be the focus, as well as the topic of his highly-anticipated forthcoming cookbook!


photo credits:

Photo of David Bouley –
Cole Wilson for The New York Times

Food Photo
Francesco Sapienza for the New York Times