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Brushstroke,  a  joint venture between Chef David Bouley and Japan’s top culinary school, The Tsuji Culinary Institute, offers a brilliant modern interpretation of kaiseki cuisine and sushi. Based entirely around tasting menus that change seasonally, kaiseki uses fresh ingredients to build a progression of flavors and sensations, with courses designed to be beautiful, delicious and surprising.

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brushstroke is now open for Lunch

Lunch: Tues – Sat.  11:30 am –  2:45 pm
Dinner: Mon. – Thurs.   5:30pm – 10:30pm
Friday & Saturday –   5:30pm – 11:00pm

30 Hudson St., NYC (Corner of Duane)

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“After working with Chef David Bouley for some time, we have found it stimulating to learn from him. His attitudes toward both dietary culture and culinary art have been inspirational for us and have expanded our horizons. The way in which he has recreated dishes using Japanese culinary techniques and ingredients has provided opportunities to learn—not only for the Japanese professors but also for our students.”

– Yoshiki Tsuji





“Chef David Bouley to deliver Graduation Address at UCONN CAHNR

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