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sake and wine program

Brushstroke Wine List June 5 (click for PDF)

Ebru Can, Sommelier.

When David Bouley and Yoshiki Tsuji set out to design a great restaurant to showcase the evolving traditions of Japanese cuisine, they made sure that Brushstroke would have one of the most ambitious and carefully curated wine and sake lists ever put together for a Japanese restaurant.

Our wines tend toward old world classics with the occasional careful selection from America or Japan. Whites, delicate reds and the occasional eloquent rose are selected to complement the fragile flavors of the cuisine and make them soar.

One of the only drinks of the world to match the expressiveness of wine is Japan’s national drink, sake. At 15-16% alcohol, sake is much less fierce and much more elegant than its reputation, a seductive drink that dances with food in ways similar to wine. Brushstroke’s list favors bold breweries with ancient traditions that are advancing Japan’s famous rice wine into new and exciting territories.

drink pairings

An excellent pairing doesn’t merely complement a dish but transforms it to something new and extraordinary. While the marriage of  wine and cuisine has a deep history in France it is just being discovered in the world of sake, and Brushstroke is excited to experiment every day with its possibilities. A drink pairing at Brushstroke always brings the unexpected, with courses dancing between wine and sake and occasionally beyond.

Chef NY TIMES  'In Bouley at Home, a Chef’s Total Philosophy Under One Roof'.Bouley Diner's Choice

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