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In light of the New York Times feature, we’d like to share some exciting news:

Our Brushstroke Restaurant and Private Events Spaces Bouley Botanical and Bouley Test Kitchen will remain open and will be further enhanced for your next exciting celebration!


Bouley Restaurant is going on an intermission later this year (at the end of January) as Chef Bouley goes on Sabbatical, travelling the world to expand his Culinary knowledge.

Chef Bouley will engage in a deep study of the relationship between health and food during this period, taking Nutrition classes in Japan, the United States and Europe. He will travel to Japan, Peru, Cuba and Switzerland to consult with renowned experts and learn further about the science of nature and the healing science of whole foods.


How will his efforts reach beyond his diners at Bouley?

Recently, Chef Bouley took one class within the Harvard Executive MBA program as a visitor and found it compelling. He believes that in this environment he will find solutions as a Chef to reinvent the business machine that is our national food system. He is already working towards this via his longstanding partnership with Wegmans Food Stores directly with owner Danny Wegman. He is proud to be associated with Danny Wegman and his talented team, who are already striving to make this ideal come to life.


What is the vision for the new Bouley Restaurant once it reopens?

Whereas the current Bouley accommodates around 120 guests, our new Bouley will be just 20 or so seats! The new Bouley will tailor guests’ menus to their specific needs and will be designed to optimize the healing power of food. He will create a healthier formula of eating.

It will not be a “health clinic”, but rather a restaurant of high standards, romantic and sensual in every detail. Supreme culinary excellence through ingredients and techniques will be the focus. The true value will lie in educating the diner in terms of why and what we chose to offer that evening, and how they can employ our choices into their lifestyle outside the restaurant through small of gifts of our healthy Building Blocks. As well, his connections within the health industry will contribute to their personal health benefits.


What other exciting new concepts can we expect?

We are delighted to announce Bouley at Home, a concept designed in collaboration with Bulthaup kitchen design. The comfort and familiarity of “kitchen counters” will serve as the dining space. There will be wine corresponding to various Bulthaup counters, to offer the guest corresponding food pairings. You will be able to learn how to execute Chef Bouley’s “building blocks” while enjoying the powers of food matched to its wine.

There will also be hands-on cooking classes with Chefs and Doctors, and cooking classes with professional Chefs. This will give our audience the confidence to see professional cooks using “domestic kitchens”. Simple execution and the power of the Living Pantry will be the focus, as well as the topic of his highly-anticipated forthcoming cookbook!


photo credits:

Photo of David Bouley –
Cole Wilson for The New York Times

Food Photo
Francesco Sapienza for the New York Times


Thrilled! Zagat and TripAdvisor Diners Choose Bouley

Bouley is thrilled to announce that our brilliant diners have spoken! Hometown NYC diners surveyed by ZAGAT voted Bouley Top Food, 29/30, in NYC AND global TripAdvisor diners named Bouley ‘The #1 Fine Dining Restaurant in the United States’.

Thanking Bouley diners for their support, Chef David Bouley exclaimed of the two awards:

Powerful compliments from Zagat’s surveyors who are exposed to high quality food standards now more than ever.

We are honored and humbled to hold the number one position in what is one of today’s purest voice in diner support: TripAdvisor.

For our staff, it is truly special to be honored by such a large pool of diners, because it validates the tremendous amount of skill, talent, thought, care and hard work, day in and day out, that goes into elevating everyones’ dining experiences who walk through our doors. The Bouley team is proud to raise a glass in salutation of your votes!



The see the awards, please visit:

TripAdvisor Best Fine Dining Restaurants – United States :: http://www.tripadvisor.com/TravelersChoice-Restaurants-cFineDining-g191

Zagat 2016 :: https://www.zagat.com/p/new-york-city

Photo credit :: Doug Paulding – www.dougpaulding.com




brushstroke early fall kaiseki menu

brushstroke presents our early fall kaiseki menu 

September 9th called “Choyo-no-Sekku” (Festival of Double Biggest Odd Number = 9/9), originated in the Edo era (1603-1868), and is the biggest of 5 seasonal festivals in Japan.

The symbol flower of the festival is a chrysanthemum, the Autumn beauty. This edible chrysanthemum is also valued as a medicinal flower with life-prolonging effects. Not only is it rich in vitamins, it increases your intracellular glutathione, enhancing detoxication metabolism and antioxidant action in your body.

As you may know, camomile also belongs to the chrysanthemum family. Edible chrysanthemum has similar stomachic, anti-inflammatory and tranquilizing effects to camomile.


– Chef Isao Yamada

This month, Brushstroke will serve various style of chrysanthemum dishes as well as other Late Summer ingredients:

Matsutake Mushroom: the most precious mushroom in Japanese cuisine, with a unique fragrance and individual texture. Brushstroke uses an Oregon matsutake mushroom that has as great a flavor as its Japanese counterpart.

Tsuru-Murasaki (Malabar spinach): This unique vegetable has a sticky texture and beautiful purple colored stalks (‘murasaki’ in Japanese). Tsuru-Murasaki is similar to spinach but is more nutritious, with higher vitamin A, C, calcium and iron content; it lowers blood glucose levels, too.

Black Cod (Sablefish): This buttery fish, everybody’s favorite, comes back in season in September. Brushstroke uses fresh (never-been-frozen) black cod from Alaska served in various creative presentations. How about in grilled sushi style this time?

To round out our September seasonal ingredients, we also use much sweeter and silkier Japanese eggplant and Kabocha-pumpkin, along with non-dairy, patented, special Soy Cream from Japan.



Bouley and Boulud in Nice


David Bouley and Daniel Boulud take in the fresh flavors of a local market in Nice, France.

David Bouley: “There was a group of us — Jean-Georges [Vongerichten], Daniel [Boulud], Gray Kunz — who’d decided that French cooking needed to be updated to the way nouvelle cuisine had re-energized the world. I wanted to get away from butter and cream, and build a cuisine that was clean and full of energy.

“In those days, a lot of people pretty much knew what they wanted to eat when they went to a restaurant, and it would be, ‘I don’t want this; give me this on the side.’ I didn’t want to be told how to cook — I wanted them to trust us.” – NY Post 10/07/2012 – http://nypost.com/2012/10/07/holy-bouley/



David Bouley Honored by the Gohan Society

June 4, The Gohan Society marked its 10th Anniversary with a sold-out gala celebration at the Sony Tower in Midtown, Manhattan.


The “Washoku” Award presented by Ambassador Motohide Yoshikawa, Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations

Chef David Bouley, owner of Bouley and Brushstroke, and Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, owner of Nobu were presented the Gohan Society’s “Washoku Ambassador Awards”. The honorees exemplify the spirit of Washoku in their cooking and their everyday lives. “Washoku” means the “harmony of food” in Japanese, and it is associated with an essential spirit of respect for nature that is closely related to the sustainable use of natural resources. Washoku was inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013.

The Gohan Society, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to building an understanding and appreciation of Japan’s culinary heritage in the United States through outreach to chefs, culinary arts professionals and all who admire and enjoy Japanese culture.

Pictured below, Chef Bouley with Chef Nobu and the evening’s keynote speakers, Nina and Tim Zagat:


The money shot! chef Nobu and Chef Bouley. #gohansociety#nobu#bouley#sonyTower#nyc

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Chef and the Doctor Spring 2015 Dinner and Lecture Series

Please join us at Bouley Botanical for a series of collaborative health-focused lectures and multi-course dinners curated by world renowned doctors and Chef David Bouley.

Each event begins with a reception featuring passed canapés and a specialty health tonic cocktail. Guests will have the opportunity to mingle in the company of the guest doctor. Chef Bouley will then prepare a multicourse menu with products and ingredients to address the topic of the evening. The doctor will present during the event and be available for all questions and answers.

Click here for Tickets & Details


The CHEF and the Doctor:

Fall Series at Bouley Botanical

Chef David Bouley and Team are proud to announce a series of health focussed events to take place September through November at Bouley Botanical.

Please join us at Bouley Botanical for a series of collaborative health-focused lectures and multi-course dinners curated by world renowned doctors and Chef David Bouley.

Events include:


Bouley Events Feb/March 2014

Chef David Bouley and Team are proud to announce a series of health focussed events to take place in February and March at Bouley Botanical and Bouley Test Kitchen.

Events include:


Spontaneous Entertaining, Bold and Bite-Size

Hosting a party, but can’t decide on a main course? Try doing away with it completely and serving a series of exciting hors d’oeuvres instead. Read the full story here.

The New York Times – Restaurants Turn Camera Shy

Check out this great story from The New York Times about the pervasiveness of amateur food photographers and the measures some chefs will go to keep cameras out of their restaurants.

The New York Times Dining & Wine – Restaurants Turn Camera Shy

Bouley NY Times Restaurant Review “Chef health food for foodies: biodynamic, nutritious

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