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Over the years, Bouley has embraced a variety of challenges in his catering experiences. When asked to cater an event on the side of a mountain in the Maine’s Acadia National Forest, David rose to the occasion. The plates were made of tree trunks, and the team erected tents. “There was moss everywhere,” David explains. “We were in the middle of nature, in the middle of nowhere. We all worked together on the design and the logistics—including how to get water to the location.” Another time, Bouley was cooking at Washington State’s Chateau Ste. Michelle winery for 650 people when a thunderstorm cut off the electricity. The team put on headlamps and scrambled for firewood. They ended up cooking over “ovens that we made out of old wine barrels.” The dinner was a huge success. “Each challenge makes us ready to take on the next, and each day we’re raising the bar to surpass our customer’s expectations.”


Challenges of Catering: A Nouvelle French Kosher-Style Celebration?

Bouley believes that creating meals away from the comfort of his restaurants forces him and his team to operate at a higher level of performance. With fewer distractions, David is able to focus on the execution in a different way possible than in the restaurant. As he has discovered, the unforeseen circumstances that arise when cooking in an unfamiliar environment bring out the best in him.


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The Chef and the Doctor Series at Bouley Test Kitchen. (Chef David Bouley is pictured with Ben Greenfield, athlete, author, fitness coach and nutritionist) Sunday, Oct. 7th, Paella Family Style Cooking Class Lunch NY TIMES  'In Bouley at Home, a Chef’s Total Philosophy Under One Roof'.

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