Conference Facilities

For those looking to host groups, seminars and conferences for up to three days we offer conference facilities in our Test Kitchen and within the Bouley Private Dining Room. Each venue is equipped with a private entrance, enabling break service if so desired. Both spaces offer printers, computers, and state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment, allowing the room to be converted into a mini business center. Whether you’re a professional meeting coordinator or a volunteer planning an an event, hosting a wedding, meeting, family reunion or event of any kind, Bouley can help you create the perfect banquet hall, meeting facility or retreat center.

Break service is available for all entities.


Our meeting facilities, conference area and event venues have some distinct advantages in that our ambiance and atmosphere is uniquely memorable and flexible – one-day meetings, one-hour meetings, evening events/parties, overnight conferences, all are welcome. Technology – frequently built for the venue’s core business is readily available.


Seating options include:

Chevron Style

Banquet Style

Chairs in a Circle

Board Style

Hollow Square Style

Theatre Style

Class Room Style

“U” or Horseshoe Style

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