Wall Street Journal Press Clip RE: David Bouley, Dr. Uma Naidoo and Dr. Drew Ramsey

Feed Your Head: Foods That Target Depression and Anxiety

Chef David Bouley and Dr. Uma Naidoo will give an interactive presentation about the brain benefits of spices and herbs at The Chef and the Doctor Dinner in Bouley Test Kitchen on August 16 – “From Pondicherry to Paris…a Delicious & Different Spice Route” – click here for Tickets & Info

Chef Bouley and Dr. Naidoo, along with Dr. Drew Ramsey, a previous The Chef and the Doctor Series speaker, consulted Katherine Squires for today’s informative Wall Street Journal article, ‘Feed Your Head: Foods That Target Depression and Anxiety’, excerpted below, providing a guide to nutrient dense foods that are beneficial for brain and mental health.

Full Article: https://www.wsj.com/articles/feed-your-head-foods-that-target-depression-and-anxiety-1532629120

Announcing Bouley at Home: A Note from Chef Bouley

David Bouley in Bouley at Home, 31 West 21st Street, NYC

As we begin celebrating the new Bouley at Home Restaurant and hands-on cooking demonstrations, our focus is on the purest products that function to deliver great taste and health.

With Bouley at Home and our events at the Bouley Test Kitchen and Bouley Botanical, we execute our values using organic and biodynamic produce, wild-caught fish, organic poultry and grass fed – grass finished proteins. These principles have been with me since the mid-80’s. I feel it’s important to share them as they evolve because great taste must always be on the same parallel as a powerful service to health.

I am delighted to share with you the New York Times story about the launch of Bouley at Home in the Flatiron District:  NY TIMES: ‘In Bouley at Home, a Chef’s Total Philosophy Under One Roof.’ – Read Article >

Excited to cook for you at one of our venues and at Bouley at Home to discuss more in detail the fruits of these choices!

Herbal Blessings,
– David Bouley

Bouley at Home provides a multi-sensory Nine Course Tasting Menu ($225) that immerses guests in a community of shared culinary knowledge, health and nutrition through fine dining. Beverages, tax and gratuity are not included. Please purchase tickets to reserve your seating time.

Tues-Sat Dinner Seatings  | 31 West 21st Street



Bouley at Home & bulthaup partnership at 31 West 21st Street

Tribeca, to be continued… Update from Bouley Restaurant, 163 Duane St.

To be continued…thank you for the memories!

Bouley Restaurant at 163 Duane Street is now available exclusively for Private Dining and Special Events through January 2018.

While we look forward to a future focus on health and nutrient density at our next location, the current location of Bouley at 163 Duane Street is now available exclusively for private events from 6 to 150 guests through January 2018.

Please call 917.237.3205 and speak to Joyce or Alex at the Bouley Events Team to organize any kind of special event or dream that we can, together, create… and visit BouleyEvents.com to purchase tickets to the various culinary, artistic and health-focused experiences that we are producing at Bouley Botanical and Bouley Test Kitchen over the coming months.

Updates regarding the next Bouley at 17 Harrison Street, lunch service at Bouley Botanical and our latest concept – B at Home – are forthcoming. We also invite you to experience brushstroke Restaurant, currently open for lunch and dinner service at 30 Hudson St. (corner of Duane).
We are here, eternally grateful and at your service. Thank you!

Herbal Blessings,
Chef David Bouley

Bouley New Vision

Update: Bouley Restaurant is still Open at 163 Duane Street through July 2017. 

In light of the New York Times feature, we’d like to share some exciting news:

Our Brushstroke Restaurant and Private Events Spaces Bouley Botanical and Bouley Test Kitchen will remain open and will be further enhanced for your next exciting celebration!

Bouley Restaurant is going on an intermission later this year (2H 2017) as Chef Bouley travels the world to expand his Culinary knowledge.

Chef Bouley will engage in a deep study of the relationship between health and food during this period, taking Nutrition classes in Japan, the United States and Europe. He will travel to Japan, Peru, Cuba and Switzerland to consult with renowned experts and learn further about the science of nature and the healing science of whole foods.


How will his efforts reach beyond his diners at Bouley?

Recently, Chef Bouley took one class within the Harvard Executive MBA program as a visitor and found it compelling. He believes that in this environment he will find solutions as a Chef to reinvent the business machine that is our national food system. He is already working towards this via his longstanding partnership with Wegmans Food Stores directly with owner Danny Wegman. He is proud to be associated with Danny Wegman and his talented team, who are already striving to make this ideal come to life.


What is the vision for the new Bouley Restaurant once it reopens?

Whereas the current Bouley accommodates around 120 guests, our new Bouley will be just 20 or so seats! The new Bouley will tailor guests’ menus to their specific needs and will be designed to optimize the healing power of food. He will create a healthier formula of eating.

It will not be a “health clinic”, but rather a restaurant of high standards, romantic and sensual in every detail. Supreme culinary excellence through ingredients and techniques will be the focus. The true value will lie in educating the diner in terms of why and what we chose to offer that evening, and how they can employ our choices into their lifestyle outside the restaurant through small of gifts of our healthy Building Blocks. As well, his connections within the health industry will contribute to their personal health benefits.


What other exciting new concepts can we expect?

We are delighted to announce Bouley at Home, a concept designed in collaboration with Bulthaup kitchen design. The comfort and familiarity of “kitchen counters” will serve as the dining space. There will be wine corresponding to various Bulthaup counters, to offer the guest corresponding food pairings. You will be able to learn how to execute Chef Bouley’s “building blocks” while enjoying the powers of food matched to its wine.

There will also be hands-on cooking classes with Chefs and Doctors, and cooking classes with professional Chefs. This will give our audience the confidence to see professional cooks using “domestic kitchens”. Simple execution and the power of the Living Pantry will be the focus, as well as the topic of his highly-anticipated forthcoming cookbook!


photo credits:

Photo of David Bouley –
Cole Wilson for The New York Times

Food Photo
Francesco Sapienza for the New York Times

Thrilled! Zagat and TripAdvisor Diners Choose Bouley

Bouley is thrilled to announce that our brilliant diners have spoken! Hometown NYC diners surveyed by ZAGAT voted Bouley Top Food, 29/30, in NYC AND global TripAdvisor diners named Bouley ‘The #1 Fine Dining Restaurant in the United States’.

Thanking Bouley diners for their support, Chef David Bouley exclaimed of the two awards:

Powerful compliments from Zagat’s surveyors who are exposed to high quality food standards now more than ever.

We are honored and humbled to hold the number one position in what is one of today’s purest voice in diner support: TripAdvisor.

For our staff, it is truly special to be honored by such a large pool of diners, because it validates the tremendous amount of skill, talent, thought, care and hard work, day in and day out, that goes into elevating everyones’ dining experiences who walk through our doors. The Bouley team is proud to raise a glass in salutation of your votes!



The see the awards, please visit:

TripAdvisor Best Fine Dining Restaurants – United States :: http://www.tripadvisor.com/TravelersChoice-Restaurants-cFineDining-g191

Zagat 2016 :: https://www.zagat.com/p/new-york-city

Photo credit :: Doug Paulding – www.dougpaulding.com



The Chef and the Doctor Series at Bouley Test Kitchen. (Chef David Bouley is pictured with Ben Greenfield, athlete, author, fitness coach and nutritionist) Sunday, Oct. 7th, Paella Family Style Cooking Class Lunch NY TIMES  'In Bouley at Home, a Chef’s Total Philosophy Under One Roof'.

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