Bouley Chef’s Pass

Chef’s Pass is a unique multimedia dining experience that brings the guest closer to the artisan and the chef than ever before.

Chef’s Pass is named for the area in the kitchen where the finishing touches are applied to each dish, then passed to the server.

Seating up to 13 guests, this intimate space is nestled between the kitchen and main dining room. Inside the Chef’s Pass, Chef Bouley personally familiarizes you with the ingredients that compose his dishes, and via Skype introduces you to the artisans who create the products that inspire him. Food journalists, nutritionists, and purveyors from all over the world appear on a 72” screen to field questions about unique pairings, interesting recipes or seasonal ingredients. Streaming photographs further enhance your voyage to markets worldwide, from Japan to Austria, Cape Code to France.

A specially designed tasting menu is assembled in front of you on a polished, terra toned petrified wood table under a 1930′s teardrop chandelier. Guests can also take advantage of the screen to present their own slideshows, personalizing and further enhancing their celebration.

To reserve the Chef’s Pass contact our Private Dining Department at


The Chef and the Doctor Series at Bouley Test Kitchen. (Chef David Bouley is pictured with Ben Greenfield, athlete, author, fitness coach and nutritionist) Sunday, Oct. 7th, Paella Family Style Cooking Class Lunch NY TIMES  'In Bouley at Home, a Chef’s Total Philosophy Under One Roof'.

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